I am listening almost daily to podcasts ever since I have an iPhone and discovered the Podcasts app. It’s a nice way to spend the train ride to work (when I am not awake enough to read on the Kindle) and most of the podcasts I listen to fit right into the time from my home to the office or back.

One of my favorites is Hanselminutes by Scott Hanselman focusing on a wide range of topics for developers. Scott is also doing another great podcast with Luvvie Ajayi called Rachet & The Geek about social media and tech and with Rob Conery This Developer’s Life. Unfortunately there haven’t been any new episodes for the last two podcast for a while.

I enjoy Get Up And Code, a mix of fitness and coding, and as for music, I prefer Tiesto’s Clublife when working out in the gym or going out for a run and The Chillout Lounge Mix when I want to relax.

What are your favorite podcasts?