Weekly Recap


I’ve been working out hard in the gym this week: two weight training session, one Pilates and a Yoga class too.

The weight training is going well, I started increasing the weights for some of the exercises where I felt like it wasn’t enough. I finished each session with a run for my 5K training plan. I am still at the run-walk phase and everytime I change the speed, the stupid treadmill is beeping so I am getting some funny looks from the people there.

Pilates was awesome! We exercised with the ring which I have never tried before. It was fun to do something else for a change and also very effective.

The Yoga class was also very nice. Since it was Friday evening and we were all tired after a long workweek, we opted for a relaxing session instead of doing an intense one to calm our body and mind and disconnect from everything. We did Shavasana twice, once at the beginning and once at the end! Have I mentioned how much I love Shavasana? It’s like my mind goes completely blank during those few minutes and I feel so relaxed afterwards like I have no care in the world.

I am almost decided to rent a private box at the gym to put my stuff in which I usually don’t need to carry home. My gym bag has been awfully heavy lately and it’s annoying having to carry it to work, to the gym and then home every time. I could leave so many things at the gym instead, all I need to carry for each workout day is actually fresh gym clothes and towel.

Today is a well-deserved rest day, after three consecutive workout days, which was probably a little bit too much but I think it was good because this week has been sort of like the jump-start and I think I am heading in the right direction now.

I’ve completely quit the Squat & Pushup Bootcamp challenge, I am doing enough exercise as it is and this challenge is taking a lot more time now by having to constantly increase the reps while doing 3 sets, time which I simply don’t have.

Tomorrow is my third and last run for the 5K training plan and it’s going to be a 12 minute test to see if I have improved and adjust the plan for the next weeks accordingly. As usual I am planning to run outside but it’s currently pretty cold and it’s supposed to be snowing, I never ran in the snow, but hopefully it won’t be so bad. Fingers crossed!


I planned to go swimming this week but eventually didn’t so my poor Garmin Swim is feelling neglected for sure.

I am still wearing my FitBit all day every day but I forget to clip it on my workout clothes every time when working out so the step count is not completely accurate.

I finally decided and ordered a Polar FT7 in the awesomely cute orange red colors. It arrived today, actually 10 minutes ago, so I will be playing with it whole weekend and even wear it for my outdoor run. I want to also do a 24-hour burn test to see how many calories I usually burn on a rest day and use that as a reference for my daily calorie goals.


I’ve configured a meal plan to follow from now on but I am not quite there yet because I was eating leftovers from last weekend most of the evenings. I just feel so bad throwing away food.

Nevertheless my food was mostly clean this week and I’ve been trying to stay within my calorie and macro goals, most of the time even succeeding.

It seems that this combo of exercise and nutrition is good for me because today’s measurements resulted in -0.6 kg and -0.5 % body fat (I measure once a week on Saturday) all the while 0% muscle mass lost! It looks like I am finally in the fat loss zone and I am able to maintain the muscle I have fought so hard to gain. Slow and steady wins the race!


I still haven’t found the time or motivation to start preparing for the MCPD exam but on the other hand I’ve been listening to podcasts and researching game development concepts and playing with GIT a little bit.


Still reading the Hobbit by J. R. Tolken and I have lots of other books lined up after this one. I haven’t touched the tech books or watched any tech videos this week either. Argh! If only I would have more time!

I finished watching season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy and also the currently released episodes of season 10. Season 10 is still ongoing so I just have to wait now for the next episodes. Still waiting for Gossip Girl season 6 too.

I gave Under The Dome a shot but I am currently not in the mood for it so I think I will leave it for later.

The last season aired of Homeland and Walking Dead is next on my watch list.


I am currently playing Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One, mostly on the weekends because I come home late on workdays and all I want is sleep, and I usually make the room dark to get the full effect but this game is utterly terrifying! I like a good horror movie/game but this game is beyond that! There are zombies everywhere and they’re just jumping on you from nowhere, I can only play it with the lights on and even so I get scared sometimes.

Ryse is on my next to play list and Tomb Raider is coming to the Xbox One in 4 days!!! Woohoo!

Last but not least I got these beautiful roses yesterday from my bf. Aren’t they gorgeous??? โค