Weekly Recap

This week went by so fast, I didn’t even realize it until it was already Friday.


I’ve been to the gym three times, on Monday for a Deep Work which left me crippled for three whole days and also two weight training sessions.

I’ve done 2 runs on the treadmill out of the 3 scheduled in my 5K training session. I am still in the run-walk weeks and while I did 5 kmh – 7,9 kmh until now, I decided to step it up a little this week with 4,8 kmh – 9,6 kmh. I managed to keep up with the pace quite well but my legs hurt during the fast pace so much. It was good pain though!

I am planning to run outdoors on Sunday for my third and final session this week. While it’s still a bit too cold, the treadmill runs are much easier (even with 2% incline) and I want to stay used to the difficulty of running outside too.

Friday at the gym is usually also my wellness day so after the weight training session I’ve had an amazing 15-minute full-body massage on the MediStream bed (it feels so good that I could just lie there for hours) followed by another 15 minutes in the sauna.

I’ve been also using the StretchBoy at the gym after each workout and noticed a huge improvement in muscle soreness.

My only regret is that I wanted to go swim this week but I got a bit too lazy. Also missed a few days of the Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Boot Camp challenge. I would like to do better on both next week.


I neglected my poor Garmin Swim because I haven’t been swimming for a few weeks now but my FitBit got quite a lot of love this week and I’ve been trying to improve my step count every day but I can’t seem to get to 10 000 steps on a normal no-gym day no matter what I do. How do you do it?

I’m considering to get a heart rate monitor watch for the gym and the outdoor runs. I’ve been checking out:

  • the Polar FT7 which is perfect for gym workouts and compatible with all the cardio machines so I can see my heart rate directly on the machine’s screen and also download all the data on a USB when I am done.
  • and the Polar RCX3 which is way cuter and this has additional accessories for GPS tracking, biking, running and so on. It is unfortunately not compatible with cardio machines and some say that the screen is not so easy to read while working out.



While I stayed mostly within my calorie goals (messed up on the macro front though on some of the days but overall it hasn’t been that bad, perhaps a bit too much fat and carbs) I had quite a few cheat meals this week. I have lost my way to clean eating and ate quite a bit of the forbidden “fruits”. I guess my biggest cheat was the dinner at the turkish restaurant, the beyti was phenomenal but also lots of other things which I shouldn’t be having if I want to look hot in the summer.

Today was weight measure day and I am so disappointed. The muscle % is the same as last week but my weight and body fat is +1. Since my fitness has been pretty good, I blame my nutrition for this. I definitely have to improve in the next weeks. This week has been a catastrophy!


I really should start preparing for my next MCPD exam for which I have time only till end of July this year but it’s so hard during the week, I come home usually late from work and the gym afterwards and I am just too tired.

I have started experimenting with game development, so far on a really small scale, but I am planning to look deeper into this topic, especially the 3D part interests me a lot. For the beginning I would like build a game for myself based on an exisiting one just to learn the basics. I am starting with the PC version and will afterwards port it to mobile and web.


Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to read at all the whole week and I have a couple of tech books I keep wanting to read but somehow can’t find the time, and also I would like to finish The Hobbit.

I am still watching Grey’s Anatomy, finishing the season 9 actually. I’ve also finally finished the season 5 of Gossip Girl and waiting for the final sixth season to be available on Watchever.

Meanwhile I noticed that Under The Dome is exclusively available on Watchever. I’ve read the book and heard that the series is even better so this is next on my list.

Web & Apps

A new website I have discovered, and also urge you to register, is Every Move. This website is sort of like the FourSquare for fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike who need a little push to work harder and do better. You basically get points and achievements for being active. You can enter the activity yourself but you can also connect your FitBit, Endomondo, MyFitnessPal,…, even FourSquare (you get points when you check in at the gym) and these will automatically get synchronized with EveryMove. So technically all you need to do is connect and let them do the magic!

What stands out in this website is that you can win actual prizes! For example, I now signed up for the Fitness Pursuit 2014 challenge where I get to pick a goal which I have to complete on at least 3 out of 4 weeks, I pick a prize and if I finished my goal successfully, I am automatically in the raffle for the prize. I know it’s a long shot and that I will probably not win (I never win anything!) but it’s a great motivation nevertheless.

EveryMove is supposed to have an app for iOS and Android too (WP8 coming soon) but I strangely haven’t found it in the Apple Store.

Another app I recommend is Candy Crush if you are into games. If you haven’t played it yet, start now, it is so addictive! I am currently at level 65 and I dare you to try to catch up with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

And last but not least, Device6 for iOS seems to be a big hit too. I just bought it today and will give it a try.


I had absolutely no time to play any games during the working days but I plan to make up for that now during the weekend with Dead Rising 3. The game came with this awesome cup! โค ๐Ÿ™‚


Finally I just want to shortly warn you about this Milka Knister chocolate. I got some for my family as I visited back in December and apparently it gives you fireworks, like literally you hear it inside your head! My mom had a few pieces and thought she was having a heart attack or something and wanted to call the ambulance.

So be aware!