Call of Duty: Ghosts

I have finally found the time to sit down and enjoy a good game on Xbox One, which by the way I barely touched ever since we got it in November because my days and weeks and months have been so crazy.

It was a tough choice because we have threee games and I want to play them all but I eventually decided for CoD: Ghosts.


My favorite part was definitely Riley. So cute! I was constantly worried that Riley will somehow not make it through the game, the poor puppy even got shot and it almost broke my heart having to carry him injured. But rest assured, Riley lives!


The story is awesome, the gameplay is great and the graphics is amazing! I won’t get into the storyline because there are plenty of posts out there but I will say this: I drove helicopers, drove tanks, jumped out of windows, guided Riley on recon missions (bi-awesome!), guided drones, scuba dived, floated in space and so much more.

The difficulty level is exactly right, I had mostly no problems, unlike with other games that are almost impossible even on the rookie level.


The only minus point I would give to this game is that it’s too short. It took me only about 6 hours to finish the game.


I won’t give away any spoilers from the ending scene but I will however leave you with this. If you have played the game already, you get it and if you haven’t yet, you will soon! *evil grin*