Back in Austria again

I am on vacation since two weeks now and it is sadly coming to an end. My next longer vacation will be probably sometime in the summer (we’re going to take some weekend trips till then though) so we decided to enjoy the last few days by driving to the mountains to Bad Hofgastein in Austria again.

This is my all time favorite winter resort and we’re coming here every year once or twice. It’s perfect for non-skiers like me because everything is within walking distance and I just love to go to the spa, ice skating, cross country skiing or simply to the top of the mountain to enjoy the sun.

The drive was luckily this time uneventful, no snow and no traffic jams. I was reading The Noteboom by Nicholas Sparks on the way and couldn’t put it down. It’s such a beautiful story!

We did however notice long traffic jams in the other direction and even witnessed two horrible accidents. I am not looking forward to driving back next Monday, which is also a holiday because I expect the freeways to be full with tourists like us trying to go back home. But I should not think about driving back when we just arrived.

We found a beautiful room last minute in a non-smoking bed & breakfast where we’ve already been two years ago. The lady of the house is so friendly and she even remembers us from the last time.

The first thing on our agenda was to get some food as I had only a small porridge for breakfast and we haven’t stopped on the way to Austria so we were both starving.

Going out to eat when this hungry is a bad idea, I learned, because I ordered the biggest meal from the menu and couldn’t finish it alone at the end.


The mix grill was super delicious and I allowed myself to have country potatoes and we even shared a cake too but I swear that as soon as I go back, I am cutting all the unhealthy fried and sugary stuff from my diet. It’s just that food and cakes and coffee is so good in Austria that I just have to indulge a bit.

We took a walk afterwards in the city and I was surprised by how many people are here, compared to when we were here at the beginning of December and it was so empty.

We snooped around in the sport stores (my new addiction, I love new workout clothes!) and even bought two cute workout tops.

We’re going to spend a quiet relaxing evening watching tv and reading. I am still tired from the 14 hours drive 3 days ago and the New Year’s Eve party so I desperately need a rest and my beauty sleep.