SFO ✈️

The flight

We booked Lufthansa to San Francisco with one hour layover in Frankfurt. We checked in for the flight on the day before and picked some good seats next to the window, unfortunately all the two-seaters were reserved so we had to take a three seater. The neighbor turned out to be a nice lady so it was fine but I hated bothering her to get up every once in a while. 

The flight to Frankfurt was on time luckily so we managed to clear the extra security and passport control fast and then hurry to our next gate.

The plane to San Francisco was an Airbus A380. We boarded, made ourselves comfortable and I browsed the movies to mark the ones I wanted to watch on the flight as my favorites. The selection wasn’t so great. 😩 i ended up watching:

  • The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg – good movie, Mark was great.
  • Cake with Jennifer Aniston – stopped it after the first 15 minutes, too depressing.
  • Wild with Reese Witherspoon – a good drama.
  • Night at the museum: Secret of the tomb – stopped it after 30 minutes.
  • The big bang theory – I watched four episodes 😃
  • 2 Broke Girls – they only had one episode but it was hilarious. 😂

The food on the flight wasn’t so great. We were greeted with drinks and snacks and had a choice between chicken with rice or vegetarian pasta for lunch. We could help ourselves to drinks and snacks from the kitchen for the rest of the flight. We got the second warm meal before arriving to San Francisco, again rice with chicken or pasta. I don’t think I will have rice and chicken anytime soon.


We arrived on time around noon in SFO after 11 hours of flight. There was a huge line at the immigration because a lot of flights arrived at the same time as ours so we ended up waiting 1.5 hours to get through, we picked up our luggage, went through customs and took a cab to the hotel.

The hotel

We booked Radisson at Fisherman’s Wharf again but what we didn’t know is that the hotel is being renovated. The gym is closed but the hotel has an affiliation with 24 Fitness which is only one and a half blocks away.

We got one of the newly renovated rooms with a deluxe king size bed, a huge flat screen tv, a gorgeous window bench and even darts!

The afternoon

After a quick shower we headed out for a walk at Fisherman’s Wharf and on the pier. We stopped for dinner at Applebee’s and I had the american standard burger with sweet potato fries. We overed some appetizers as well and I was pleasantly surprised that we got some chips with dip because our main order was taking a bit loger to prepare. This is what I call a good service. Needless to say that I ate way too much, I was already full with the appetizers by the time my burger was served. I ate the burger anyway, it was too yummy for it to go to waste.

The jetlag

I basically had two choices:

  • Either not sleep during the night before the flight, try to sleep on the plane and stay awake during the day in SFO
  • Or sleep during the night at home before the flight, stay awake on the flight and also during the day in SFO.

I picked the second because I can’t sleep in a sitting position on a plane and it went ok. I felt tired in the afternoon and in the evening but I pushed through it.

I pretty much stayed awake for over 24 hours so I passed out and slept like a baby after we got back to the hotel after dinner around 8 in the evening. I woke up around 4 in the morning but managed to get back to sleep until 6:30. That’s when I decided to get up because I won’t be able to go to sleep tonight if I get up too late in the morning and I went out for an early morning sunrise run.

The weather was so nice, sunny and warm and I managed to run a 5K taking breaks to take pictures here and there. 😃

I am so happy to be back in San Francisco. I love this city and I missed it so much!

I will be uploading the pictures from this trip to OneDrive and Instagram so keep checking back to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to in San Francisco. 😃