Travel day


Yesterday was again a travel day, after only 2 weeks that I returned from San Francisco. This trip is not business though, I am visiting my family over the Easter weekend.

I woke up early at 7 am yesterday and after finishing packing (checked in for the flight and packed the night before) we headed to the airport.

I think the most difficult decision was which gadgets to take with me but eventually I just packed all in: Surface, iPad, Kindle and my Nokia Icon smartphone; except for my iPhone of course which is packed away in its box waiting to be wiped ever since I got my Windows Phone and my brother is really looking forward to getting it. :)

The first flight was short, only 30 minutes, we barely took off and then we were already landing.

We had to wait for 4 hours for the connecting flight and the weather was so nice outside but it was not enough time to take the train to the city so we had to stay at the airport and look how gorgeous it is outside from inside. *sniff*


My first stop was the duty free shop and I spent at least 1 hour there buying some souvenirs, sweets and I finally found fragrance-free face and eye creams that I am hopefully not allergic to.

There was a special exhibition at the airport displaying different clocks. We had some fun there!


There was plenty of time to have lunch at the airport too and I picked a small chicken soup only and we shared a dessert too.



The second flight went well and I finally had time to read my WCF book.


Although I love my Kindle, I have a lot of books on it and use it often, it annoys me that electronics are forbidden during take off and landing so I am allowed to use it only when we reach a certain altitude. I would practically lose at least 30 minutes during this 1.5 hours flight.

So I decided instead that I take this book with me and read it on the plane. I have to prepare for the MCPD exam anyhow and this was a perfect opportunity. I still have a long way to go till I am completely ready to take the exam and only 3.5 months time to prepare for it but I will slowly get there.

Our plane landed at 19 o’clock and we were finally in my home town after almost 3 hours drive with the car so that makes a total of 15 hours of travel with 2 planes and a car for a distance of 1500 km.

After a delicious dinner (lamb soup and deviled eggs) we had a great time catching up and telling stories till midnight.

I woke up at 6 am this morning because my puppy was looking for me and she was walking back and forth in front of the bedroom door. I couldn’t fall back to sleep but my puppy is now of course sleeping nicely. How evil is that? ;)

I think I convinced my mom to switch to Windows Phone 8 too. She has an Android and I showed her my new Nokia Icon briefly and she wants one now too! :)

We’re planning to have a late lunch today in the city in the afternoon and then go to the cinema to watch Grand Budapest Hotel. Tomorrow we’re going on a road trip to visit some nice places and I really hope that the weather will be nice because for now it is cold, cloudy and rainy. :(

//build/ 2014 Day 3 session recap

I have attended live the sessions described below on day 3 at the Build conference and these are my notes from these sessions. Some parts might not be easily readable or understandable (even for me Smile )  because the sessions were fast-paced and I tried to write down everything which seemed important to me. Nevertheless I hope that this brief summary is helpful to some of you.

The Future of C#

  • Roslyn
    • The .Net Compiler Platform
    • Reimplementation of C# and VB compilers in C# and VB respectively with rich public APIs
    • Available on CodePlex
    • Roslyn source
    • Rewritten to get a richer IDE experience, build and share tools and extensions, clean architecture, OSS
    • Diagnostics Framework
    • Source and end-user preview
    • Call to action: install, previews, fork the compiler source
    • SDK Preview: samples, tools, project templates to build for Roslyn, Syntax Visualizer
    • Project Template: C# node => Roslyn
      • Diagnostic with code fix
    • Roslyn Syntax Visualizer: navigate the syntax tree
    • Diagnostic Analyzer: checks and shows squiggles
    • Code Fix Provider: transform code with fix
    • C# languages design notes on CodePlex
    • VB Select Case As Type => direct use in case block
    • C#:
      • Console.WriteLine() => using System.Console; => WriteLine();
      • Easier declaration
        • Primary constructor on the class
          • public class Point (int x, int y)
        • Initialization of the auto properties
          • It doesn’t call the setter, sets directly the private variable
          • public int X { get; set; } = x;
          • public int X{ get; } = x;
        • Accessibility modifier on the parameter
          • public class Point (int x, private readonly int y)
          • Creates private variable automatically
        • Object initializer
          • Dictionary initialization
            • new JObject() { [“x”] = p.X }
            • LINQ query:
              • new JArray (from points where … select … );
        • Indexed member (syntactic sugar only)
          • From json[“x”] to json.$x
        • Declaration expression
          • Our parameters have to be declared
            • var x; TryGetInt(json.$x, out x);
          • Can be initialized
            • TryGetInt(json.$x, out int x)
            • TryGetInt(json.$x, out var x);
            • TryGetInt(json.$x, our var x = 1)
        • await inside catch and finally blocks for async close or logging
        • Exception filters also in C# (already in VB and F#)

Cutting Edge Graphics in HTML

  • Options:
    • Images
    • SVG
    • Canvas
      • Fill rule
      • Dashed lines
  • JPEG
    • Save image quality 0-6, for web 0-50
    • Tool RIOT
  • WebGL
    • IE11 has WebGL on all devices
    • On tablets and phones GPU is always used
    • Spring 14 update
  • Antialiasing
    • Enable on WebGL
    • It looks smoother
    • Lines will use gradient
    • No antialiasing on DirectX 9 devices
  • WebGL best practices
    • Don’t render in the background
    • Don’t render if the scene is not changing
  • Babylon.js: framework for WebGL
    • On GitHub
    • Physics engine and collision engine included in Babylon.js
    • For web app
      • HTML page, CSS, JavaScript file
      • Add canvas to HTML page
      • Add script reference babylon.js to the HTML page
      • In the JavaScript file:
        • new Babylon.Engine(canvas, useAntiAliasing)
      • Babylon.SceneLoader,Load => engine.runRenderLoop , scene.render
          • Loads Json
          • Loads scene with textures, shadows
          • When loaded asynchronous
            • scene.executeWhenReady()
      • web.config: declare .ddl and .babylon as known types
    • You have to create the scene by using Blender 2.7
    • Sandbox for Babylon.js to test scene by drag & drop
    • Replace JPEG with DDS
      • JPEG and PNG converted to BMP
      • Using DDS is 4 times less memory footprint
    • Offline support
    • Full support for Windows Phone 8.1
      • Virtual joystick
      • Camera follows finger
      • Move phone
    • Support for Oculus Rift
      • No plugin needed, just JavaScript and Internet Explorer
      • Cut screen in half for left and right eyes

Animations in Windows Phone XAML Apps

  • Timing is crucial
  • Animations are slow and annoying, e.g. blinking
  • What makes animations great?
    • Fluidity
    • Context
    • Subtle feedback
    • Emotional appeal
  • Library of animations designed by motion experts
    • ThemeTransitions
    • ThemeAnimations
    • Examples:
      • Page Navigation Theme Transition
        • SlideNavigationTransitionInfo
      • NavigationTransition
        • Common
        • Slide
        • Continuum

You can find also lots of pictures from the conference and also some of the most important slides here on OneDrive.

I will be watching online some sessions that I missed at the conference because the sessions was either full or overlapping with the ones that I attended live. The recap of these sessions will be coming soon…

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//build/ 2014 Day 2 session recap

I have attended live the sessions described below on day 2 at the Build conference and these are my notes from these sessions. Some parts might not be easily readable or understandable (even for me Smile )  because the sessions were fast-paced and I tried to write down everything which seemed important to me. Nevertheless I hope that this brief summary is helpful to some of you.

The Present and Future of .NET in a World of Devices and Services

  • Present
    • 1.8 million .Net installations
    • 6 million .Net developers
  • Present and future goals
    • .Net Innovation
    • Flexibility and agility (Nuget)
    • Openness (OSS)
  • .Net Runtime
  • Styling Code extension with code fix suggestion
  • Reference Source: navigate in the .Net framework source code inside the browser
  • .Net Foundation: OSS around .Net
  • .Net in the cloud
  • .Net in Windows Store devices
    • Universal Windows apps shared across Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • .Net Native
    • Native code compilation
    • Running on C++ compiler
    • C# => IL => C++
    • Preview available as Visual Studio 2013 add-in
    • Currently only for store apps, x64 and ARM
  • Web API: Azure Mobile Service project template
    • e.g. Twilio

DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2013

  • Why DirectX?
    • Gaming
    • 3D rendering
  • Built with DirectX: Halo: Spartan Assault, Bing Maps, Fresh Paint (XAML controls, DX rendering), Project Spark
  • Tools in Visual Studio 2013
    • Project template, Item template, 3D Starter Kit, DX Toolkit
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
    • Graphics Assets Authoring: Image Editor, Model Editor, Shader Designer
    • Graphics Diagnostics: Graphics Debugger, Graphics Profiler (Graphics Frame Analysis)
  • How to build DirectX app for Windows and Windows Phone
    • From scratch:
      • C++ Store Apps
        • DirectX
        • DirectX and XAML
      • Default solution contains Windows, Windows Phone and Shared projects
      • Sample project Cube has 100% sharable code
    • Existing app:
      • Make it universal
    • Universal project contains shared code
      • Platform-specific code with conditional code:
  • Graphics Diagnostics
    • Visual Studio 2013 RTM
      • Remote debugging
      • Computer shader debugging (available in Visual Studio Express)
    • Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
      • Consecutive capture
      • Programmatic
      • Enhanced event list
      • Debug Windows Phone
    • Render issues
      • Debug => Graphics => Start Diagnostics (Alt+F5)
        • Starts app with Graphics Diagnostics attached
      • Capture frame: Frame to capture dropdown for consecutive frame capture, up to 30 frames
    • How to analyze frames
      • Look at Graphic Event Call Stack List tree view
      • Click on a pixel in Render Target window
      • Check triangles, colors
      • Graphics Pipeline Stages
      • Debug Pixel Shader
    • Debug in emulator and device
    • Average frame rate
      • Notebook: 60 FPS
      • Surface: 30 FPS
      • Windows Phone: 15 FPS
    • Performance problem when targeting low-end devices
      • Use Profiler
        • Capture everything
        • Use Frame Analysis
      • Run it on the device, collect hardware performance counter
      • Requires Windows Phone 8.1 for it to work (driver)
      • Check most expensive events
  • Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit
  • DirectX Toolkit: utility library

Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin

  • HTML for mobile apps is a terrible experience, constrained in features
  • Go fully native to take advantage of the platform instead of only a subset of features
    • Sensors, API
  • Create great user experience without limitations
  • C# runs on 2.6 millions of devices
    • Use async/await for great user experience
  • Reach every device that matters with C#
  • Architecting mobile apps
    • SILO approach
      • Build apps multiple times, one each for iOS, Android, Windows
      • Maintain 3 teams, 3 tools, several releases over multiple platforms
    • Write once, run anywhere approach
      • NO!
    • Xamarin approach
      • Native with code sharing across iOS, Android and Windows
      • Learn the new APIs and start using it!
        • Windows APIs
        • iOS APIs => strongly typed
        • Android APIs
      • Cannot JIT compile
      • How it works?
        • C# + .Net RT
        • Native UI
        • Native Performance
      • MonoTouch => iOS API
        • .Twitter
        • .CoreImage: image filter on GPU
      • C# shines over Objective C
        • Objective C => dictionary => maybe it won’t work
        • C# strongly typed => compiler, Intellisense
      • Xamarin project templates in Visual Studio
      • Strategies to share code over multiple platforms
        • BL
          • Universal apps
          • Shared
        • MVVM
      • Universal apps: reference in iOS and Android projects
      • Portable class library
        • Pure PCL
        • Advanced PCL
          • Reference assembly
          • Specific implementation for all platforms
          • Public contract
          • Nuget
      • New PCL project targets
        • Profile 78 (Microsoft)
          • No Silverlight 5
      • MailKit/MimeKit: best on the market
      • Run a C# app, get a C# shirt for free!
      • Component Store for 3rd party
        • e.g. Glass Development Kit for Google Glass
      • Xamarin Studio for development
      • Android form factor

The Next Generation of .NET for Building Applications

  • .Net 4.5.1 installed on 500+ millions of PCs
  • .Net Native announced
    • Offers performance of C++ with productivity of C#
    • Huge gain in performance for app startup and memory usage
    • Developer preview available today
    • New runtime
      • Lean and refactored
    • Compiler powered by same optimizing compiler backend as VS C++
    • V1 targeted at Store apps
    • Available for x64, ARM (x86 coming)
    • Examples: Wordament, Fresh Paint, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    • Visual Studio experience
      • Right click on the project => Enable for .Net Native
      • Project Properties => Build => Select Compile with .Net Native tool chain
    • At compile time: remove unused dependencies => IL => C++ => optimize => generate native machine code
    • Debug just like the C# code
    • Compiler in C++
    • Using optimized C++ backend
      • Vectorize and parallelize the app/code on one or more cores automatically
    • .Net Native on MSDN with FAQ and forum
    • Visual studio 2013 Update 2 RC required
  • New JIT compiler announced “RyuJIT” written from scratch for WPF and web apps
    • Dramatic performance improvements by just using RyuJIT, no code change needed
    • Available for x64 (more coming)
    • Innovation platform for optimizations
  • SIMD: Single Instruction Multiple Data
    • Enables data parallelization
    • Great for calculations
    • Same instruction works on multiple data
    • Faster code execution
    • Mandelbrot problem FlyThru sample
    • SISD: Single Instruction Single Data
      • Bad user experience for complex computations
    • From 26 seconds down to 5 seconds
    • Scalar => 4x scale SIMD (SSE2) => 8x scale SIMD (AVX)
    • SIMD usage:
      • From float[] to Vector<float>
    • SIMD CTP available, part of RyuJIT CTP 3
      • Current CTP includes support for SSE, support for AVS coming soon
    • Nuget package: Microsoft.Bcl.Simd
      • Includes vector APIs
  • Leverage same skillset for all platforms
    • Nuget packages cross-platform by default
    • “One Class Library”
      • Universal projects
      • Select one or more targets in Properties => Library => Targets
    • PCLs
      • Now available in Visual Studio 2013 Express for free
    • Cross-platform
      • Partnership with Xamarin
    • Microsoft on Nuget
      • 926 packages
      • 59 million downloads
    • .Net Foundation
    • Source Code as Documentation
      • Different approach to documentation
      • Openness
  • Feedback-driven
    • User Voice
    • Bug reports

You can find also lots of pictures from the conference and also some of the most important slides here on OneDrive.

Session recap for day 3 coming soon…

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//build/ 2014 Day 1 session recap

I have attended live the sessions described below on day 1 at the Build conference and these are my notes from these sessions. Some parts might not be easily readable or understandable (even for me Smile )  because the sessions were fast-paced and I tried to write down everything which seemed important to me. Nevertheless I hope that this brief summary is helpful to some of you.

Building Games for Windows

  • Use Visual Studio Universal projects
  • Unity Beta for Windows Phone 8.1 announced (RTM in the summer)
  • Unity Beta 4.5 (RTM in the spring)
  • Angle: bring OpenGL to Windows (DirectX)
  • Use DirectX 12 and Direct 3D 12

Building great Windows and Windows Phone XAML Apps with Visual Studio 2013

  • Build apps on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Support for C#, C++, JavaScript
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update:
    • New Store Apps project template: Universal Apps, Windows Apps, Windows Phone Apps
  • Creating new universal apps:
    • Universal Apps
      • Blank/Hub App
      • Class library/Windows RT Component
    • Solution structure
      • The following projects target the specific platform and include references to the corresponding SDKs but may include also platform-specific assets and XAML:
        • .Windows
        • .WindowsPhone
      • .Shared => NEW!
        • Container referenced by Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 projects to share code
        • May include localization, assets, XAML
        • Cannot build, no output
  • Migrating existing apps to universal apps:
    • Add new Windows Phone 8 project
      • Adds .Shared project automatically
    • Move files between projects from project-specific to shared with cut-paste
    • Change startup project in debug target dropdown, if more than one project in solution
  • Back button navigation
    • App has to respond, not exit!
    • Hardware buttons must be supported in the app, only on Windows Phone 8.1 and not on Windows 8.1
      • Usage of conditional C# code:
        • #if WWINDOWS_APP … #endif
        • #if WINDOWS_PHONE_APP … #endif
  • New context switcher in the Visual Studio editor: Windows Phone/Windows with Intellisense support
    • File is moved to selected context
    • For XAML and C# files
      • Element combo box in the Navbar
  • Full support for universal apps in Blend
  • If share between nX universal apps, use class libraries
  • Code reuse for universal apps
    • Shared projects: share code
    • PCLs: share binary
  • Windows 8.1 PCLs
    • Properties => Targets
    • Add reference in platform-specific projects
  • Use Shared Projects in class libraries
    • Template in Visual Studio Gallery
    • Reference in platform-specific class libraries
  • Project templates => C# node => Shared Asset Project (Empty)
  • XAML authoring for Windows Phone 8.1
    • Intellisense for resources and data bindings filtered by element type, e.g. TextBlock
    • Already available for Windows 8.1, now also for Windows Phone 8.1
    • F12: Got to definition works for binding property,style, type (e.g. Image) and can be used anywhere in the editor
    • Designer: show device display with various resolutions
  • Guide feature in Blend: Snap to, pixel perfect UI, Save/Load Guide
  • Behaviors in Blend: add interactivity without writing code

Tips and Tricks in Visual Studio 2013

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC available today!
  • Parallel Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013
  • Sign in to get the environment settings
    • Select which settings should be synced in Options => Sync-ed Settings
  • You can now resize the Tools => Options window
  • Search in Options with Ctrl + I
  • Notification hub
    • Flag icon in the top right corner
    • Critical notifications marked in red
  • Windows Management
    • Multiple monitors
    • Shortcuts
      • Dock: Windows + Left/Right
      • Maximize/Minimize: Windows + Up/Down
  • New Solution Explorer View scoped to folders/…
  • Ctrl + double click on the window moved the window back to where it was if previously undocked
  • Taskbar: Windows + Shift + 3 creates a new Visual Studio instance
  • How to identify which Visual Studio instance is active: logo is grayed out (inactive) or colored (active)
  • Ctrl + F4: close document in Visual Studio
  • You can pin the documents with Pin Tab
  • You can Close this, Close all, Close all but this
  • Alt+W+L: close all
  • Preview tab: preview document when navigating in the solution explorer
  • Ctrl+Q: Quick launch
    • Top right corner
    • Categorized by Menus, Nuget, Options
    • Scoped search by typing @menu
    • Displays shortcuts
  • Error list window: filter all, current project
  • Search in New Project dialog
  • Search in Add New Reference dialog
  • Ctrl+I always goes to search in the current window or dialog
  • Ctrl+F: Find
    • Docked in the top right corner of the editor
    • Enter/Shift+Enter: go forward/back
  • Solution Explorer improvements
    • C# files/classes: drill down to see members, navigate members directly in the solution explorer, displays in editor too
    • Select file => Open containing folder
    • Open command prompt
    • Filters: scope to files in Pending Changes, with errors,…
    • Inline errors where project and/or file is red underlines, popup error list
  • Alt+F6: cycle through Visual Studio windows
  • Ctrl+F2: focus to navigation dropdown, tab through dropdowns
  • Editor improvements
    • Alt+Up/Down: move one or more lines up and down
    • Annotation over scrollbar
    • Code preview: hover zooms in
    • Ctrl+,: Navigate to
      • In document place top right corner
    • Alt+F2: peak window inline => full editor with possibility to edit in the peak window or to promote to document
    • Code lenses above methods, hold down Alt+1/2/3 to open small summary window/lens
      • Tools => Options => CodeLens settings
      • Code lens can be undocked
    • Bing code search for C# by starting to type in the editor => “How do I…?” displayed in a peak window with code snippets, e.g. stackoverflow
  • Feedback: the bubble icon in the top right corner to send a smile or a frown
    • Suggestions collected on the UserVoice site

Useful links

Innovations in High Performance 2D Graphics with DirectX Across Windows and Windows Phone

  • D3D 11 on Windows Phone 8
  • D2d and Image Effects, DirectWrite on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Universal Visual Studio solutions
    • Samples on MSDN
    • Same code running on Windows and Windows Phone
    • Shared and specific project are pushed together and compiled
    • Sample: 99% shared code, specific include constants
  • Text in 8.1: color fonts for Emoji instead of bmp because bitmaps don’t scale well
    • These are just texts with color
    • No need for different bitmaps with different DPIs
    • Gradient not supported
    • Segoe UI/Windows Phone Emoji
  • 2D geometry
    • Complex rendering is CPU bound
    • Bitmaps need to be regenerated, don’t scale/rotate well
    • Optimization goal is to work on the GPU and to eliminate CPU, to find a balance between CPU and GPU
      • CPU for curve evaluation and tessellation => caching in Geometry Realization, reuse on GPU
      • GPU for antialiasing and brushing
    • Geometry realization is available also on Windows Phone
    • Use Geometry Realization with static geometry, depends on scale factors, only for transformations like translation, rotation, uniform scale.
  • Image effects
    • Memory utilization and startup time taken up by images
    • Quality vs. space trade-offs
    • Block compression by 4 bits
      • BC 1-3: DX 9+
        • BC 1: 4 bits/pixel
        • BC 2-3: 8 bits/pixel
      • BC 4-5: DX 10+
      • BC 6-7: DX 11+
      • Best is BC3 or BC1, depending if with alpha or not
    • JPEG YCBCR compression

You can find also lots of pictures from the conference and also some of the most important slides here on OneDrive.

Session recaps for day 2 and 3 are coming soon…

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//build/ 2014 keynote recap


There are numerous blog posts and articles about everything that was announced at this year’s Build conference but I am so excited that I just have to share with you what I have seen and learned! So here it goes…

Windows 8.1 announced

  • Action Center
  • New lock screen experience
  • Start screen improvements
    • More tiles
    • Capability to set background image
  • Cortana
    • Bing-powered digital personal assistant
    • Launching as Beta in US, coming later to UK
    • Search locally
    • Can be used without audio by typing
  • New version of the calendar with day, week and month view
  • Wifi-Sense
    • Suggests good wifi
    • Password caching across all devices
  • Go from phone call to Skype video call
  • Word flow keyboard
    • Shape writing
    • World record for the fastest typing on a smartphone
  • Internet Explorer 11 with private browsing
  • Next generation of Nokia Lumia announced
    • May: 630, 635
    • June: 930 announced
    • Software:
      • Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2
      • Nokia SensorCore SDK
  • Apps
    • 500 new apps every day
    • Fitness & Health and Pedometer coming soon

Windows Phone 8.1 is coming in the next few months, pre-installed on new phones starting from April-May. The Developer Preview will be available probably next week, get the Preview for Developers app to receive all the new versions and updates, including 8.1, before it is available to the public.

Windows 8.1 Update announced

  • Enterprise Mode
  • Internet Explorer 11
    • Legacy websites work, the browser gets the right rendering in a seamless way
  • Already boots to desktop
  • Taskbar improvements
    • Displayed in modern apps too
  • Enhancements for mouse & keyboard users
    • Right-click context menu in start screen
  • Pre-pinning the Store to the taskbar
  • Apps are more mouse and keyboard-friendly
  • Search
    • Also Store apps
    • Jump to install
  • Apps list
    • Right-click context menu, e.g. Pin
  • Windows Desktop
    • Enable modern apps in desktop window
    • Start menu is back!
  • Pricing
    • Windows for $0 for tablets

Windows 8.1 Update is available on 8th of April for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users.

Universal apps announced

  • Universal Windows apps across all devices
  • Different views optimized but using the same code
  • Based on Windows Runtime
  • Visual Studio
    • Share code
    • Update allows building universal apps
    • New template in the “New project” dialog
    • Design with multiple layouts for different form factors using Visual Studio
    • XAML view has a context picker with options like Windows Phone 8, Windows 8
  • Store
    • Buy once, use anywhere

Office improvements

  • New Office modern apps
  • Touch first version
  • Desktop experience to modern app
  • Move from Win 32 to modern UI
  • Code name Gemini
  • Automatically save document to the cloud on OneDrive with unlimited versions and undo-redo capabilities.
  • Inking enabled.
  • The new Office apps are universal apps.

Cross-platform apps

  • Internet Explorer 11 web platform with WebGL across phones, tablets and PCs
  • WinJS: cross-platform and open-source on GitHub

Future roadmap

  • Universal apps across all Windows apps, Xbox coming soon too.
  • Share code across Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Xbox One.
  • Kinect for Windows
    • Until now:
      • 1 000 000 SDK downloads
      • 400 000 developers
    • Coming:
      • New Kinect V2 and improved SDK
    • Sample: Khan Academy
  • Graphics: DirectX 12
  • Windows on Internet of Things
    • Examples:
      • Intel
      • Piano running on Windows
        • Run apps on the piano
        • Debug piano app with WinDbg

FAQ with Satya Nadella

  • Why build for Windows?
    • Microsoft innovates in every dimension
    • Create developer opportunity and expand it
    • Microsoft targets also this platform, e.g. Office
    • Take code cross-platform with PhoneGap, Unity, Xamarin
  • UX future: touch, sensor, mouse?
    • Context-based
  • Surface on the tablet market
    • The best on the market and it will be continued.
  • Latency in the cloud
    • Microsoft is doing massive investments
    • Focus on apps running smoothly in a geo-distributed way
  • Startup support
    • BizSpark
  • Microsoft’s vision
    • Mobile-first and cloud-first

The cloud

  • Mobile-first, cloud-first
  • Titanfall: game sessions hosted on Azure
  • Other examples: Olympic NBC Sports Sochi
  • 44 announcements
    • Visual Studio integration with Azure VMs
    • Remote debugging on cloud VM from Visual Studio
    • VM configuration with Puppet and Chef
    • Web:
      • Develop Azure Websites
      • Autoscale
      • Java support
      • Staging and production versions: backup copy of recent deploy, swap between versions.
      • WebJobs: run background code and process offline.
      • Traffic Manager support: website routing
      • PowerShell editor in Visual Studio
      • Azure setup for websites integrated into the “New Asp.Net Project” dialog inside Visual Studio
      • Browser Link: 2-way communication between browsers and Visual Studio
        • Edit webpage in any browser, auto sync in Visual Studio and all other open browsers
      • JSLint inside Visual Studio
    • Mobile:
      • Develop backend with .Net or Node.js
      • Support for Azure db and Sql Server
      • Notification hub: send one message and send it to millions of devices
      • Windows Azure Mobile Service template from Asp.Net Web App in Visual Studio
      • Azure Mobile Service has local and remote debugging
      • Xamarin for reusing C# code for iOS and Android
      • Authentication with Active Directory on a mobile device
    • Data:
      • Support for unstructured, semi structured and relational
      • Previously 150 Gb, now increasing to 500 Gb for Sql db
      • Automatic backups up to 30 days
      • Active geo replication with primary region and multiple secondary regions in read-only mode, failover to secondary
    • New Azure Portal:
      • Customizable dashboard
      • Browse, edit code with a full-screen editor with Intellisense
      • AppInsight Analytics
      • Integrated billing and monitoring
      • Azure gallery for 3rd party
      • Available today!

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC available today


  • .Net Compiler Platform for C# and VB
  • Preview for Visual Studio 2013 available
  • Visual Studio suggests refactoring with preview of what the code would look like using Roslyn
  • Open-sourcing Roslyn announced
  • Xamarin Studio with Roslyn integration
  • .Net Foundation announced: take .Net to the next level with a great communitiy, e.g. Xamarin, IdentityMine, Glimpse, GitHub


  • Mobilize .Net Studio
  • Delta Airlines using Surface Pro for Jepessen Flight Pro
  • Flipboard available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Autodesk preview with DirectX and C++
  • Foursquare for tablet and phones using geofencing
  • Sensoria Heapsylon
  • Vesper iOS app uses Mobile Service and Azure
  • Gobbler using Azure
  • The power of the cloud to enable great gaming experience for PC games, WebGL, Oculus Rift with Babylon.js
  • GoPro
  • Doodle God 2 for PC, Xbox and Windows Phone
  • Cross-platform: bringing Java to Azure with Oracle partnership
  • Accela
  • App Studio to turn websites into apps by generating Windows 8 apps from a website, offline enabled and stores data locally
  • Xamarin tobuild Windows universal apps on iOS and Android

You can find also lots of pictures from the conference and also some of the most important slides here on OneDrive.

Session blog posts are coming soon…

Useful links

Weekly Recap

Fitness & Nutrition

I think I can keep this part short since I didn’t go to the gym this week and did no sports whatsoever, except for walking home from the train station one evening because I missed the bus by one second. But the walk took only about 15 minutes so I don’t count it as a big workout, although it did help me relax and disconnect a bit from everything.

Nutrition-wise I haven’t been logging in MyFitnessPal, I started on Monday but then stopped and haven’t continued ever since. I just couldn’t find the time and energy to do it. I am swamped at work and I was fighting jetlag in the evenings. Nevertheless I tried to keep it healthy and do some serious portion control and just stop eating when I felt full. I hate to waste food but I am also proud of myself for saying no when I had enough.

This week has been obviously not ideal but I don’t think I can do a lot of damage just within one week, plus sometimes we just need a break.

I guess we all have periods where things just don’t go the way they should and I definitely miss exercising and seeing that I have met my calorie and macro goals perfectly after a day. All I can do is to try to do better in the near future.


I continued with my demo Windows 8 game app and I have some animations built in now too, I used Storyboard which is perhaps not the best way but I think it is good enough for the beginning.

I am still preparing for the MCPD upgrade exam and I am still at the part with WCF services. I watched lots of videos and I am now reading a book. I made a learning plan for the next few months and if all goes well I will be finishing with it till end of June. Last deadline for the exam is end of July so I hope everything will go well because I will come pretty close.

I started mentoring a colleague this week (first time mentoring so suggestions are welcome), she is doing her research paper in our department. We suggested multiple topics and she picked test automation. We are building the base now with OOP and C#, theory first and a nice small application afterwards to put the programming theory to practice. This application will be then used for her research in the area of test automation and then as a base for writing the research paper.

I am glad that I accepted to do this because by doing the mentoring I get to teach computer science to a hopefully future fellow female developer but I have also the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and I hope that I will learn some new things as well.


I am currently watching 30 Rock, just finished season 4, and Damages, started season 2 last night.

I started reading The Count Of Monte Cristo two weeks ago but I had no time in the last few weeks. I would like to continue reading it but I also bought the Divergent Trilogy too after watching the movie (yes, three books!) and I have some more books lined up since months so I better get to it!

For now I will enjoy the Friday evening and just relax, hopefully have a good night sleep and recover from the jetlag. I made no plans for thecweekend yet although I would like to get some things done but I will just take each day as it comes.

I wish you a nice weekend and lots of sunshine!


I arrived on Sunday evening from San Francisco and after 15 hours of flying and around 26 hours of staying awake I finally slept for 12 hours straight from Sunday midnight til Monday noon. I had to literally force myself to get out from bed otherwise I would’ve slept whole day too.

I took vacation for Monday because I expected that I not be able to function at all but as strange as it may seem I was fully active whole day, I even went to the city center to do some errands. Monday night was unfortunately terrible, I couldn’t fall asleep till 3 am, the alarm woke me up at 8 am because I had to go to work on Tuesday.

I pretty much felt like a zombie whole day on Tuesday although I managed to get a lot of things done at the office, except for the part where I messed up some meeting schedules and got to the meeting room 30 minutes early fully convinced that I am on time so that I confused my colleagues completely but they were luckily very understanding about the situation and we did the meeting earlier than planned.

Around 18 o’clock I started to feel more energetic since that was morning time in San Francisco so I used this time for more productive things but then eventually went home and instantly fell asleep at 8 pm and woke up only next day at 8 am.

Wednesday was great, I felt so fresh whole day and was very productive but then I couldn’t fall asleep again till late in the night so today I am having again another difficult day. I even managed to miss my train stop on the way to work today so I had to get out at the next stop and wait for 20 minutes for the next train so that I can go back one station.

It’s interesting that my nights are alternating between deep sleep for 12 hours or sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed. I manage my work and social life quite well even during this period (if I don’t count that I haven’t been to the gym since almost 2 weeks, I plan to go in the weekend! Scout’s honor!) but I really hope that this will normalize soon. Until then I have my currently favorite TV series 30 Rock and Damages to keep me entertained.


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